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Post Your DealFinder Promotion and Deal

Our free service allows you to place an ad to increase awareness and draw customers to your business. When upgrading to a premium ad, you are able to get your message out across multiple DealFinder locations. The more DealFinder locations your ad appears, the
more customers to see your promotion! Try DealFinder and post your FREE ad today! 

FREE DealFinder Ad Type

  • 1 month of advertising
  • Ad placement in 1 DealFinder city location of your choice
  • 24 to 72 hour ad approval
  • Random rotation of your ad. Your ad will be tweeted at least once per day in your ONE selected DealFinder city


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PREMIUM DealFinder Ad Type

  • 2 months of advertising
  • Ad placement in up to 35 DealFinder city locations of your choice
  • Priority ad approval
  • Random rotation of your ad. Your ad will be tweeted at least once a day to ALL DealFinder cities you have have selected.




As this is a free service to help businesses within their respective local communities, we ask that you be patient as we try to approve your FREE DEALFINDER ad.  We promise to do our best to approve your ad as soon as we can however please give our staff between 24 to 72 hours to approve your FREE DEALFINDER ad.

DealFinder will only Tweet deals, specials and promotion from legitimate businesses.  We will not post deals from mid-level marketers and ads which appear to be scammy. Deals advertising inappropriate content (sexual or promoting of drugs) will not be rejected and not posted – sorry!  The staff of DealFinder will ultimately have discretion as to what qualifies as an appropriate or not appropriate. We will do our best to approve all free deal submissions immediately however paid ads are given service priority. Should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to send an email to  

In an attempt to manage the quality of content being posted to DealFinder, we limit the number of posts to only 1 DealFinder ad per event, special or deal. Ads that are deemed offensive and/or controversial maybe taken down without notice or refund of payment.  DealFinder is a family friendly service dedicated to advertising deals, if you are unsure about your ad content and/or looking for further clarification about your ad submission, please send an email to, we are here to help!