Priority Ad Placement

Get Noticed! Get your DealFinder Ad the Priority Placement it Deserves!

Let’s face it, there’s lot of competition out there, especially if you’re trying to get noticed!  With DealFinder’s Priority Placement Add-On, we’ll post your ad twice a day to your selected DealFinder city locations.  Your ad will get posted once in the morning and once mid-afternoon to ensure it gets the most views possible.

Why Priority Placement Matters

Since most people use search engines, social media and local listing sites to connect, many businesses, especially smaller ones, find it difficult to get noticed. It is important for your DealFinder ad to get noticed.

We understand the challenges businesses face when trying to get noticed. Not only do we offer a free Twitter listing for your ad, deal and promotion, we can also boost your visibility with Priority Placement.

PRIORITY ad placement

  • Priority placement for one of your DealFinder ads
  • Priority placement of your ad to any of your selected DealFinder locations
  • Your ad is posted twice a day during optimal times
  • Your ad is posted once late morning and once mid-afternoon.

$5 PER AD!

GET priority placement