What is DealFinder

What exactly is DealFinder?

DealFinder is a FREE SERVICE dedicated to helping businesses (small, big, and everything in between) deliver their deals, specials and promotions to a large audience of local area Twitter users.

DealFinder is a grassroots service that was originally created in 2015 to help small businesses in the Toronto area. DealFinder has since grown from its original days of inception and is now helping businesses (big or small) in most major cities across the United States and Canada.

As all business owners know, the most important thing is for your clients to find and buy your product/services. When you have a special deal, it’s important to make sure your potential customers know about it! Through DealFinder, we make sure your ad is viewed by a local, nation-wide or international audience.

Our service is easy to use and posting an ad is free. Your time is now to take advantage of our amazing service?!  In addition to a free ad, we also offer a premium service that gives you the maximum amount of exposure to your audience. For those who don’t understand Twitter, or simply don’t have the time to make a DealFinder ad, our team is here to design an attractive looking ad that works and is affordable!